About Me

Hello. My name is Erika and I’m a tech head.


For me it all started back in 1986 with my first desktop. It wasn’t much, and there wasn’t much of a public Internet – just us geeks finding out what we could do with this technology. The first time a Sysop chatted with me on a bulletin board, I kinda freaked out. Someone out in the world was taking over my machine to talk to me. It was magical! I was hooked.

Technology and software became my Rubics Cube. I became the one at work who wanted to find a better system – a faster way to get things done. I had setbacks. Turns out you have to include upper management before you decide to change the order entry process. They’re picky like that.

I was one of the three chosen to fly to Atlanta to learn the new software system, then come home and train the rest of the department. My boss knew I wasn’t scared of the technological advance. He knew I would embrace it. And he knew I could teach others what I had learned.

The next big jump for me was 2007 when the iPhone was introduced. I was ecstatic! I could have my phone, MP3 player, and my Palm Pilot all in one machine?! Again, magical!

I was one of the first to grab this new tech and run with it. Again, there wasn’t but a few of us nerds with iPhones (and very few apps) – but we were having fun figuring out this new frontier. I couldn’t wait to use this new tool to improve my life.

And now I own a business. I’m a Virtual Assistant.

What does all this tech talk mean for my business, my clients? It means I share the magic! It means there isn’t a software or hardware I won’t work with. There isn’t a ‘How do I do this?’ that I won’t strive to answer and then teach.

I love what I do. I love solving tech riddles. I love finding easier, faster ways to accomplish a task.

I love technology so you don’t have to!

    • 30+ Years of Customer Service
    • Create and Organize Processes
    • Administrative Tasks
    • Customer Follow-ups
    • Event Planning
    • Email Management

  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Online Content Management
  • Software and Hardware Support
  • Webcasting and Content Presentation
  • Public Speaking/Training


Attention to detail. Confidentiality. Tech Training. Public Speaking.